The Fly that ploughed a field (Ukrainian Folk Tale)

The Fly that ploughed a Field (ukrainian folk tale)One day, a man who was taking his team of bullocks to the field, was followed, unbeknownst to him, by a fly. It clung to the back of one of the two bullocks, sucking the blood out of him all the way, and, once they came to the field, left neither of them in peace. At the end of the day, when the man stopped ploughing and turned homewards, the fly settled on a bullock's horn and rode back that way.

By and by it saw another fly, its neighbor, flying toward it.

"Where have you been, my dear?” asked the second fly of the first one.

"Can”t you see for yourself where?" the first fly, who was all puffed up with pride, returned. "We were out ploughing all day long."

The second fly burst out laughing.

"Some of you were, I have no doubt, but not all of you," it said. "I wouldn't brag if I were you. I can see that you know how to wag your tongue, but I have yet to see you plough."

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