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Top-10 Fairy Tales

  1. Ole-Luk-Oie, the dream god (Danish Folk Tale)
  2. The Ghost Who Was Foiled (Chinese Folk Tale)
  3. How Raja Rasâlu's Friends Forsook Him (Indian Folk Tale)
  4. The Son of the King of Erin, and the Giant of Loch Léin (Irish Folk Tale)
  5. The Story of Hassebu (African Folk Tale)
  6. The Boy Hunting Locusts (Greek Folk Tale)
  7. The Wasp and the Snake (Greek Folk Tale)
  8. Mr. "Get-Even" Coyote (Native American Folk Tale)
  9. The Boy Who Overcame the Giants (Canadian Folk Tale)
  10. Simeli Mountain (German Folk Tale)

Random Fairy Tales

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New Fairy Tales

  • Telesik-Little Stick (ukrainian folk tale)
  • The Peasant and the Satyrs (Belgian Folk Tale)
  • Sponsken and the Giant (Belgian Folk Tale)
  • Ferdinand the Faithful (German Folk Tale)
  • How Raja Rasâlu Journeyed To The City Of King Sarkap (Indian Folk Tale)
  • The Curse of the Seven Children (Italian Folk Tale)
  • The Story of Prince Yamato Take (Japanese Folk Tale)
  • The Little Spirit or Boy-Man (Native American Folk Tale)
  • Why the Big Ball Game Between Hot Grounders and the Grand Standers Was a Hot Game (North American Folk Tale)
  • The Dollar Watch and the Five Jack Rabbits (North American Folk Tale)

  • The significance of fairy tales in the upbringing of children

    The Fairy Tale is the oldest work of the human spirit, which reaches the hoary antiquity of human history. However, the impact of fairy tales on a child's upbringing is often underestimated. But in vain. It is fairy tales that help to form the child's thinking and behavior from an early age. She independently begins to distinguish good from evil, learns to empathize with her favorite characters and overcome various obstacles with them.

    As the outstanding English writer Gilbert Chesterton wrote: "fairy tales do not tell children about the existence of Dragons. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children that dragons can be defeated."

    Learning different problems and peculiar challenges through fairy tales, the child will form different behaviors for himself in a particular situation and will continue to learn independence. It is these "fantastic stories" that help to harden the character, strength of mind and emotional stability of the baby.

    In addition, they not only develop the child's imagination, but also help to acquire the ability to form and defend their own opinion.