About Us


A fairy tale is the best thing that was created by man for all the time of his existence in this world. This is one of the most expressive manifestations of the culture of every nation.

However, unfortunately, the fairy tale is gradually disappearing into oblivion, and with it the centenary cultural achievements.

The project "Tree of fairy tales" was created with the aim of preserving the fairy-tale world, on the basis of which so many children have already grown up.

The project, to the delight of all adults and kids, started its life on June 30, 2014.

Therefore, we invite you to plunge into this wonderful mysterious world!

Dear friends!

If you have your own website and want to help our project, you can place a link to our resource on the pages of your site.

We will be very grateful to you and will continue to delight you with new publications of fairy tales.