The Foxes and the River (Greek Folk Tale)

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A number of Foxes assembled on the bank of a river and wanted to drink; but the current was so strong and the water looked so deep and dangerous that they didn”t dare to do so, but stood near the edge encouraging one another not to be afraid. At last one of them, to shame the rest, and show how brave he was, said, “I am not a bit frightened! See, I'll step right into the water!” He had no sooner done so than the current swept him off his feet. When the others saw him being carried down-stream they cried, “Don”t go and leave us! Come back and show us where we too can drink with safety.” But he replied, “I'm afraid I can”t yet: I want to go to the seaside, and this current will take me there nicely. When I come back I'll show you with pleasure.”

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